Meet Me!

Meet Me!














Hi there! I’m Anat Nili, but you can simply call me Anny. That’s me in the picture above! I am a peace and vitality coach for chronically ill young women who’ve experienced major trauma. I comfort you on the down days, cheerlead on the hard days, and work with you to build the life you want regardless of diagnoses or symptoms!

These are my dogs, Stormy (left) and Captain (right). They keep me grounded, sane, and always looking at life through new perspectives. 🙂 They’re 1.5 year-old sisters, and they’ve saved my life and brightened each and every new day.

Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All Captain

Who exactly am I, you may be wondering. I have survived sexual assault, molestation, and rape. I have survived being hit by a car, and needing massive amounts of medical and physical (manual) therapies. I have experienced emergency surgery, as well as (often more than) weekly visits to my local Emergency Room. For two years, I could barely move and used 2 canes to get around my house, even then still needing a great deal of assistance with basic self-care. I’ve tried a thousand different medications, many which exacerbated old problems or created entirely new issues.

I’ve been the person asking, nay begging for help and being taken to the psychiatric ER for acute care. More often, I’ve been called upon to take others in for attempted suicide. I have ranted and screamed at government bureaucracies, struggled to stay alive on welfare, receiving food stamps and disability (meaning government-paid medical care). I’ve been told I had cancer, and wondered when I would then die. I’ve yelled at doctors and their staff for misdiagnosing me and telling me my world would end. (It didn’t.) I’ve been through so much, including having my hand held through intense brain fog and memory impairment. I’ve forgotten more than I’ve described here.

Most importantly, I have been where you are right now (or someplace awfully similar), gotten through to the other side, and helped countless others through their own struggles and their own pains.

Heart-Centered Coaching for the Chronically Ill