Living Purposefully – Thank You!

Thank you for taking the first step towards your best life by signing up for my complimentary workshop “Living Purposefully with Chronic Illness”! If you’ve been waiting for support to stop living a life defined by your or your loved one’s illness, and are ready to start defining your own life on your terms, this can be the first step on our journey together.

In this workshop, I will help you identify and name your struggles and areas of emotional or physical pain. You will gain key mindset insights to not only cope but thrive with illness! Learn to develop effective tricks and techniques to push past the triggers so you can achieve functionality! Together, we will discover additional resources so you can accomplish more, and you’ll learn how to overcome the fundamental obstacles to living your best life!

Yes, you really can have it all! Best of all, you will come away with methods of living with your illness in a way that will take nothing from you, and more importantly, give back to you spiritually, physically, and emotionally!

Please join me Thursday, October 13th at 9pm Jerusalem time (11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern, 7pm UK) for my complimentary workshop “Living Purposefully with Chronic Illness”. Join us directly via the following link.:


If you stay through to the very end of this workshop, you’ll receive a free gift allowing you to more easily follow the action steps discussed in the class!

Warm Regards and Always Looking Forward,
Anat Nili

PLEASE NOTE: Registering for this live class will also add you to my general list to receive future mailings from me with various information on upcoming workshops, programs, and other events and news pertaining to living your BEST life with chronic illness!

Heart-Centered Coaching for the Chronically Ill